Immune system guards your health and well-being. It protects you from bacteria, viruses, infection and diseases.

Your lifestyle plays very important role to your body’s ability to function at its best. The more unhealthy lifestyle you have, themore free radicals immune system has to defend and it is more difficult to maintain good health.

Free radicals are present in cigarette smoke, paint fumes, exhaust fumes, pollutants in the air, processed foods, alcohol, drugs. They cause damage to healthy cells which leads to various illnesses.

When immune system gets weak, the first sign is that we tend to get colds, flu and bacterial infections more often; in long term it causes chronic inflammation which is linked to development of chronic diseases.

Healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain strong immune system. There are specific foods, vitamins, minerals that help boost immune system and reduce inflammation. That’s the key to maintaining healthy immune system, enjoying health and well-being.

We prepared you a list of 5 special COLLAGEM smoothies which are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary to boost up your immunity and help you protect against colds, bacteria and viruses. They are perfect for autumn and winter weather.

Drink any of them every day and boost your immune system.

1. Defence Master

2. Vitamin C Bomb

3. Immune Boost

4. Cold Fighter

5. Green power

You can download our free COLLAGEM smoothie ebook here.

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