Age can be determined by two factors. One is the exact number of years a person has lived, and second, it is determined by a person’s biological clock, which shows the resilience of cells in the body.

Ageing can’t be stopped, but we can slow down the process of cell’s deterioration. We can do it by prolonging our cells life and slowing down ageing by the choices we make in our life. The choices are a healthy diet, maintaining an active lifestyle, avoiding stress, reduced exposure to UV light and pollution.

We prepared five COLLAGEM smoothie recipes with superfoods which will also add more nutrients, vitamins, extracts and other necessary ingredients. This will further benefit your cell life.

This together with healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise will allow you to postpone ageing.

Follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and choose variety of colours, as each colour group represents different phytonutrients and vitamins, for example red, green and purple are generally the richest source of antioxidants.

1. Berry Pomegranate Banana Bomb

(full of antioxidants, rich in vitamin A, potassium, chlorophyll and lot more vitamins)

2. Fountain of Youth

3. Merry Berry

4. Life Extender

5. Antioxidant super power

Just mix all ingredients together and drink it.

You can download our full COLLAGEM smoothie book here.

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