If you are wondering what are the best supplements during summer months we are here to help with that.

We will cover here the 8 best supplements to take during this time to help you maintain radiant, healthy skin, help you avoid sunburns, hydrate your skin from inside out and support your immune system.

The majority of us look forward to summer and warmer weather as we can spend more time outdoors and probably start travelling as the lockdown rules will ease hopefully.

Spending hours under the sun can be great for increased vitamin D production but it is essential to understand over exposure has its downside. Always remember to use sunscreen.

During the hot summer time our skin and hair tends to dry out. Over exposure of the sun tends to give premature aging look due to dry over exposed skin. The very reason why hydration both inside and outside of the body is seriously advised.

To protect your skin and hair from dehydration drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables and consider taking vitamins & antioxidants which will work from the inside and adequate sunscreen lotions to hydrate from the outside. Below we prepared the list of supplements which are best for summer.


Collagen is the major component of the skin and that which gives our skin youthful appearance. It holds your skin, ligaments and soft tissues together, gives the cells structure and repairs damaged skin.

As we age, around the age of 25, collagen production decreases by 1,5–2% every year. That’s when you start to use help of supplements. Collagen supplements are best to keep skin looking young, hydrated, firm and radiant. They work from within making sure our body produces sufficient amount of collagen.

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collagen supplements


This is a vitamin needed all through the year but during summer months it is especially essential as it helps your body manage heat and ward off heat strokes and rashes.

It is a natural antioxidant which boosts your immune system. Great when you travel to places with a climate vastly differing to what you are normally accustomed to. This vitamin protects body from cell damage and enhance collagen and elastin synthesis.

It can enhance the effectiveness of sunscreen as it decreases cell damage and helps heal wound repair and prevents dry skin. Vitamin C deficiency can cause skin dryness, weakness of hair follicles and nose bleeds.

Foods that contains vitamin C:bell peppers, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, papaya, broccoli, tomatoes and kale.


It is a powerful antioxidant which is great for skin health. It reduces skin inflammation and supports organ function.

It protects the cells from damage caused by free radicals and protects skin from sun damage which is especially important during summer months. It also helps repair and build tissues, renew cells and helps the body clear impurities when exposed to excessive heat causing perspiration.

Foods with highest content of vitamin E: sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, avocados, tofu, spinach, oily fish, butternut squash and nuts to add more vitamin E into your diet.


Precursor of vitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant and supports the immune system during summer. It also helps skin grow and repair, which is extremely important after UV damage caused by the prolonged sun exposure.

It protects the skin from oxidative damage by free radicals (their production increases due to overexposure of the sun).

Contributes to healthy immune system and reduces inflammation.

Foods rich in beta carotene:carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, squash, kiwi, apricot and yellow peppers.

5. VITAMIN B complex

Vitamin B is best taken as a complex because the eight individual vitamins work best together. They are a strong component in the breakdown of food into fuel, therefore a supplement is also advised for fatigue. Important nutrients to maintain energy levels and dealing with stress.

If you spend lots of time in the sea or swimming pool your hair naturally will weaken and be more brittle. Biotin, which is B7, will normally strengthen hair and stimulate new follicle growth.

Best sources of vitamin B: red meat, eggs, whole grains, beans, lentils, seeds and nuts and dark leafy vegetables.


It’s like the “youth booster”, as it plays a crucial role in the generation of cellular energy. It’s a natural antioxidant that scavenges the body for free radicals, plus it aids in the growth of cells to minimise the appearance of fine line. Help to fight oxidative stress especially increased if you expose your skin to sun.

Foods with highest content of CoQ10: fatty fish (especially mackerel and sardines), beef, soy oil and peanuts.


It absorbs lots of water, which retain skin moisture and during hot summer months is a must, as skin tend to feel dry.

Foods rich in hyaluronic acid:bone-broth, soy-based foods, root vegetables, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, kale and leafy greens, nuts.

8. BAMBOO EXTRACT (highest source of silica)

Richest source of silica which will make the nails strong and skin healthy and beautiful. Silica will also encourage hair growth and keep the hair strong and healthy. It supports collagen production as well which contributes to more glowing skin and healthier looking complexion.

Silica is also known for helping in healing wounds, regenerating skin and calms skin burns. That’s why it is one of the best supplements for the summer season.

Foods rich in silica: bell peppers, soy beans, whole grain bread, leafy green vegetables, oatmeal, brown rice, bananas, mangoes.

All these vitamins above, and more, you can find in the supplement Collagem. It is great all throughout the year but will definitely help during summer months. It’s in a sachet with powder form, so it is easy on the go. Easy when you need to travel. Just mix it with water, juice or favourite smoothie and drink it.

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