Ultimate beauty and Rejuvenation formula.
It is the real GEM among beauty supplements as it is made of 12 unique, specially selected ingredients which target all mechanism of ageing and enhance beauty from within.

Why is it special?

We are using highest bioavailability hydrolysed marine collagen Verisol®. Verisol® is a collagen hydrolysate — a unique source of oligopeptides which: 

  • have been laboratory isolated and tested on cell lines, making it better than any other collagenous product on the market to stimulate fibroblasts 
  • they are completely absorbed due to low molecular weight and deep enzymatic hydrolysis
  • they have high affinity for connective tissue, therefore they accumulate in the skin
  • stimulate the migration, proliferation and activation of fibroblasts in the skin to produce its own collagen, elastin and the entire extracellular matrix
  • they are purified of contamination (heavy metals)

Collagem Benefits

Biological Rejuvenation of CONNECTIVE tissue

  1. Hydrolysed marine collagen Verisol® 
  2. Bioactive sulphur (MSM)
  3. Hyaluronic acid
  4. Silica
  5. Vitamin C
  6. Grape seed extract


Antioxidant network:
  1. Vitamin C
  2. Vitamin E
  3. Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  4. Glutathione (MSM & ALA) 
  5. Coenzyme Q10
Support for antioxidant micronutrients: 
  1. Grape seed extract
  2. Beta-carotene 
  3. Selenium


  1. MSM — strengthens hair and influences hair growth
  2. Bamboo extract with Silica - restores vitality of hair, prevents hair loss and hair thinning.
  3. Grape seed extract (with OPC) - stimulates hair growth
  4. Biotin — strengthens hair, promotes growth and produces keratin
  5. Collagen — promotes healthy hair and regenerates hair follicle
  6. Vitamin E — increases hair growth


Better Cellular Bio-Energy due to:
  1. Alpha-lipoic acid
  2. Coenzyme Q10
  3. Vitamin B-complex


Hydrolysed marine
collagen VERISOL®

(specifically optimized for beauty from within and supported by scientific studies)
  1. Stimulates skin cells to produce more collagen
  2. Increases skin firmness, elasticity and hydration
  3. Reduces appearance and delays formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Increases skin radiance and suppleness
  5. Supports younger looking skin
  6. Improves growth and health of fingernails
  7. Reduces chipping and cracking of fingernails
  8. Speeds up metabolism
  9. Improves skin surface structure and help decrease cellulite
  10. Verisol® promotes, natural food, clean label and highly digestible food


  1. Improves skin health and complexion
  2. Helps to boost collagen, elastin and keratin formation
  3. Detoxifies the body
  4. Strengthens hair and nails
  5. Helps with conditioning of hair and nails
  6. Naturally increases energy
  7. Has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects

Vitamin E

  1. Helps repair and build tissues
  2. Helps to boost immune system
  3. Contributes to healthy skin and eyes
  4. Helps to prevent inflammation
  5. Helps reduce UV damage to skin

Vitamin C

  1. Improves longevity
  2. Helps to boost immune system
  3. Helps to boost immune system
  4. Participates in collagen and elastin formation
  5. Supports healthy skin, bones cartilage and blood vessels
  6. Helps heal damaged tissue

Beta carotene

  1. Maintains healthy skin
  2. Prevents premature ageing
  3. Helps to strengthen immune system
  4. Helps to slow down cognitive decline
  5. Encourages hair regrowth
  6. Helps to prevent premature ageing

Hyaluronic acid

  1. Helps collagen synthesis
  2. Retains skin moisture (helps dry skin)
  3. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Maintains skin elasticity contributing to anti-ageing of the skin
  5. Promotes healthier, more supple skin
  6. Helps speed up wound healing

Alpha lipoic acid (R-ALA)

  1. Powerful antioxidant
  2. Slows down ageing process
  3. Improves skin texture
  4. Improves memory & mental health
  5. Helps to reduce oxidative stress in the body
  6. Improves metabolism

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

  1. Helps to boost immune system
  2. Protects cells from damage
  3. Fights ageing and prolongs youth
  4. Maintains natural energy levels
  5. Improves memory and brain performance

Bamboo extract

  1. Contributes to glowing and healthy skin
  2. Improves skin elasticity
  3. Promotes growth of thick, beautiful hair
  4. Helps build healthy bones, teeth and nails
  5. Helps keep skin beautiful

Grape seed extract

  1. Has anti-ageing properties (protecting collagen and elastin)
  2. Helps increase inflammation and oxidative stress
  3. Accelerates hair growth
  4. Helps with cardiovascular conditions and blood circulation
  5. Supports brain as its ages

Vitamin B complex

(B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Folic acid, Biotin, B12)
  1. Helps to boost immune system
  2. Ensures that body can produce new, healthy cells
  3. Boost energy levels
  4. Improves the appearance of skin, hair and nails
  5. Enhances memory and cognitive performance.


  1. Helps to boost immune system
  2. Contributes to healthy hair and nails
  3. Increases longevity
  4. Helps prevent mental decline
  5. Important for thyroid function
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